The Top 5 Gifts Yoga Gives You for the Holidays!

  1. Peace of Mind – You’re running around getting gifts, planning parties, sending out cards and thinking about your own holiday plans. So taking some time out to stretch and work your muscles is the fastest way back to sanity during this season. As you twist and stretch, the stress of the holidays practically melts away! And that means you can get back to feeling mentally equipped to handle everything the holidays can throw at you.

  2. A Good Workout – Let’s face it. The holidays provide the perfect excuse to stress eat and splurge on goodies you wouldn’t normally be eating by the handful. So attending a power yoga, aerial or vinyasa class will help you fight the holiday bulge AND keep you feeling like yourself after the festivities are over.

  3. Perspective – Trying new things in your yoga practice helps to prime your mind for trying new things in life. You learn that you’re stronger than you think you are, or more flexible than you knew. The same is true for how you handle the stressors of the holidays! Try something new, something you didn’t think could be possible. You’ll be surprised at how easily the mental shift is after you’ve started working on new things in your yoga practice.

  4. Relaxation – When you’ve got a lot on your mind it can be hard to relax. Around the holidays many people develop stress-related insomnia, or find themselves not sleeping as restfully as they once did. Practicing yoga can help! How? By giving you the tools you need to clear your mind when you can’t stop your brain from thinking about everything you still have left to do. After all, the core elements of yoga involve breath work and mental clarity. Using these techniques from your practice, you can find yourself sleeping like a baby and feeling more relaxed throughout your entire day!

  5. Mental Clarity – It’s hard to think straight when you’ve got a million things on your mind! If you find yourself forgetting things, or worrying that you’ve forgotten something in the hustle bustle of the season, yoga can help! It’s kind of like when you’re working hard on something you can’t quite figure out and you take a break. Many times the break provides some space for your brain to make connections that you hadn’t thought of previously. Then, when you return to the task at hand, you’ve figure out the perfect solution. Yoga works the same way. It gives you a break from everything outside and provides the space you need to come back to your life refreshed.

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