8-week Chakra Alignment Course - Getting Ready

Congratulations, you are registered for of the launch of the Chakra Alignment program. 

This program includes an extensive exploration of our energy & physical body.

There are 3 gifts I have included with the program, in addition to the discounted introductory pricing:
  1. Crystal Chakra Meditation (will be shared at end of course)
  2. 1-month of Unlimited Yoga sessions (October/November please communicate your preference)
  3. Personalized Healing Session (we will book these for the end of November time frame, unless I feel it would serve you best before then)

We will be delving into why you've been feeling off balance lately, deepen our understanding about Chakras & align our energy body.

Healing Sessions will be done privately in November. Please book your session HERE if you know your schedule is already tight or wait for further direction from Francesca.  


  • Please be ready on ZOOM for 7:00pm if you are attending live.  The room will be open by 6:45pm.  For week one PLEASE login early if possible.  Here is the link, PASSCODE is "chakras" which will be the same for the 8-weeks:  https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZModuqqqzktHtcR1yW_oQm76VsVK9vvSXuz   Please sign up via the zoom, you will be emailed confirmation shortly afterwards. 
  • For the meditation you are welcome to lie or sit anywhere you are comfortable, your yoga mat, sofa, bed or outside. It is best to find a spot where you will not be interrupted and is quiet.
  • Please make sure you have all the props you need, blanket, pillows, water, notebook & writing utensils.
  • If you have crystals, essential oils, or artifacts you feel called to bring to our session please do.  We will have a opportunity to briefly share.
  • The first week we will be doing introductions, a meditation & exploring Muladhara (Root) Chakra.  Each week we will be exploring a different chakra, closing off the last week with consolidation of our experiences.  We will keep the "details" fluid as all my other programming.  The offerings will be pertinent to the needs of the participants.  
  • If I do not see you in the live sessions, I will touch base with you at some point during the week for a 'check-in'.  If you are attending live, additional 'check'ins' may be needed.  We will let it all 'fall into place'!
  • I may suggest music links & other supports for our session & will communicate this via email as needed.

I hope the program outline & expectations are clear & that you feel ready to delve deeper. I am here to provide a safe & sacred healing experience for all of you.  Our program is full & I am honoured to guide you on your journey. Should you have any further questions please feel free to reach out 289.251.2350.

Namaste friends!