About Us

Francesca Bonta, the heart of Karma Lifestyle, is a dedicated Advanced Yoga Teacher & Holistic Health Specialist on a mission to bring more joy, health & mindfufulness in your lives.  She is well known for her inclusive environment, insightful & soulful, accessibility to clients and deciation to her "tribe", which feels more like "family".  

With over 40 years of experience in the wellness world, Francesca is able offer a variety of different Yoga Retreats & Classes, Meditation, Teaching Trainings & Educational Workshops.  Sharing her health & wellness passion is beyond just classes, offering healing sessions, massage, reiki & alternative health therapies.  Francesca has clinic space in Liberty Village, Toronto & Cobourg for private healing & yoga sessions.  Virtual Yoga classes are currently offered as a gift to you.

If you have any questions please contact Francesca directly 289-251-2350 or francesca@karmalifestyle.com.


Francesca & Zoya (the puppy)


What Others Are Saying “About Us”

"Francesca is my "live" & "life" angel.  I have known her for years and in person for healing sessions, via virtual classes or on yoga retreat she always seems to know exactly how to support me"  Fil B

“I love Francesca. She is so kind and there is so much positive energy around her. I have tried most of her classes and all have been wonderful due to the fact that she takes the time to explain how to do the poses correctly and also her  encouragement to honour my body. Not only have I gained physical strength but I have learned a lot about myself and I have been left with some much needed teachings about my mind, body and soul and there interconnectedness. Thanks so much!”  Tracey R.

“Francesca is all around fantastic. Since I started classes, my life, behaviour and overall well-being has changed dramatically. A huge THANK YOU to Francesca for all that you do.”  Rob B.

“I was desperate to find a yoga teacher that aligned with my current needs. I landed on her website and knew with Francesca I had found my new home, and immediately felt accepted and welcomed. The classes are diverse, extremely professional and Francesca is mindful of everyone. She was MORE than helpful answering all of my new town questions(she is like a personal welcome wagon in Cobourg & Liberty Village) and sent me in all the right directions. This woman is a profound healer and everything about her is warm and relaxing. I am part of a new family. LOVE this community.”  Layla A.