Francesca Bonta

Wellness Coaching including Energy Work, Yoga, Nutrition, Essential Oils, Herbs & General Health & Fitness have been part of Francesca’s life for almost 40 years and she is sharing her gifts around the globe. She holds an Honours Degree from the University of Western Ontario in Nutrition, Certified Advanced Yoga Teacher E-RYT 500 & Therapeutic Yoga Specialist, Chakra Therapeutics Practitioner, Usui Reiki Master & Therapeutic Touch, Mindfulness-Based Chronic Pain & Stress Management Certified & Essential Oil Wellness Practitioner. She has studied & practiced in multiple countries around the world. Through her experiences she developed her own unique practice of healing arts. 

Francesca offers private healing sessions that incorporate a variety of modalities to meet the needs of each client. Through sharing and her intuitive abilities she helps move the stagnant energy from the body. Francesca is here to offer our community an opportunity to experience Samhadi, or the “bliss state”, amidst our very hectic & stressful lives. Her approach is delicate and kind, yet incredibly powerful.

Francesca has offered hundreds of local and international retreats for private clients, corporate or the general public. Now balancing her time between Cobourg and Toronto.  Francesca has recently resigned but once lead all the Yoga Retreats at Ste. Anne's Spa in Grafton. She is available for workshops and presentations, including Mala Making & Meditation, Chakra Therapeutics & Healing with Essential Oils Circles.  

 As an advanced E-RYT 500 teacher trainer, she holds certifications in Alchemy of the Chakras, Zero-Gravity Aerial Yoga, Barre, Restorative Yoga I & II, Yoga for Back Care, Older Adults and Stress Management, Yin Yoga & the 12 Meridiens, Deepening your Asana Sadhana I & II, Sound Yoga, Art of Hands on Corrections, Luna Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, Meditative Art, Pre-Natal Specialist, Pranayama, Movement & Meditation, Therapeutic Yoga Specialist and Mindfulness -Based Chronic Pain & Stress Certifications.


Brianna Harting

My name is Brianna, and I have been helping busy women reach their fitness goals with Kween Wellness since 2015. I help my clients fit fitness into their everyday lives, and keep their results long term. I understand fitness is a personal journey that involves both your body and mind, and sometimes a shift in mindset and routine is all that is needed to help break through plateaus and finally get the body you deserve. Fitness is not a number on the scale, it is a feeling. My goal for you is to get you feeling strong, confident and healthy everyday. I am looking forward to virtually sweating together! My Credentials: ISSA Certified Personal Trainer ISSA Certified Nutritionist, CPA Canadian National Level Bikini Competition


Jenni Frenke 

Jenni been a yoga practitioner for 13 years, she is completing Yoga Teacher Training at Karma Lifestyle Studio.  She is enrolled in courses to further her ability to teach pre-natal and post-natal yoga. She was inspired to take her YTT after experiencing an injury that left her with post concussion syndrome and the relief that yoga and meditation brought and still brings to her symptoms. When not practicing yoga, Jenni is with her husband, two energetic young kids and two big dogs. 

Maggie Weaver

 Maggie has been a figure skater for many years and has a strong passion for yoga philosophy.  It is wonderful to see this young beauty embarking on a yoga teaching career with us.  Maggie is a staple part of our kids camps.  The children have loved her youthful addition to our camps.   She is currently training with Francesca to offer Aerial Yoga to adults and children.

Sarah Brimson

Sarah was prompted to take her yoga teacher training after her personal yoga practice helped her through a traumatic life reconstruction. She completed her 200 hr RYT with YogaFit Canada - a vinyasa based training focused on exercise science and alignment principles. She is working towards certificates in Ayurveda and Yoga for PTSD. She brings her passion for service along with her love of learning, sharing and personal growth to her teaching.

“Yoga is a gift that has helped me on my personal journey of self-love; I believe it is my purpose to share this gift with others”

Sasha Korper

“I tend to get stuck in my head.  Lots of thinking! So, my whole life I’ve been really active — skiing, hiking, swimming, which helps me be in my body more. Yoga helps me be in my heart. And if life is a river, Vinyasa  gets you right into the centre of the flow, which is exactly where you want to be.”  As an agent of change and creator of opportunities for inspiration, Sasha likes to support others in their quest for “Aha” moments. A certified Yoga Alliance Vinyasa teacher with over 30 years’ experience, there’s almost nothing she’d rather do than teach a Yoga class.  

Gregory Axelson

Gregory is a certified Yoga Alliance Instructor, trained in Anusara, Alignment and Hatha, with over 25 years of experience in the field of Wholistic Healing Arts. He guides his students with compassion to find their unique core alignment, supporting injury prevention and recovery through the release of body tension on all levels.
As a teen he injured his lower back and experienced intense sciatic pain. After 13 years of suffering, he was able to release the agony in a way that led him to his life’s purpose, sharing the tools of awakening and empowerment by balancing the 3 bodies, physical, emotional and spiritual.  During a yoga class he focuses on core, heart, breath and alignment principles to build a deeper understanding of one’s whole self and uses gentle hands on assists if students are interested in achieving greater alignment in their yoga practice.

Eileen Sheppard  

I have been teaching fitness in many modalities since 1978. I’m certified as a Pilate’s instructor, Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Triathlon Coach, Nutritional specialist.  I received my comprehensive Pilates certification through Body Harmonics (Toronto) in 2003. I’m presently completing their specialist certificate program in Post Rehab and Advance Anatomy/Biomechanics.  Yearly, I complete continuing education workshops to design and create the most beneficial movement class for my participants. 
Contact Eileen 905.375.7501 to pre-register for her
Pilates Classes:  Tues 12:15pm, Thurs 8:30am, 5:00pm, Fri 7:30am

Support Staff

 Josephine Bonta

Josephine holds down the fort when Francesca is away.  As she Francesca's mom, she proudly takes on the role of helping us out on a day-to-day basis, with kids camps and an endless list of behind the scenes support.  Josephine attends four to six classes per week.  This is part of her secret to being in the great health she is in.  She also eats well, laughs a lot and is a power walker. 

Maggie Weaver

Maggie supports us at the studio doing all sorts of odd jobs. 
The place would also not be so immaculate if not for her!  

Substitute Teachers

Kate Young

Kate gained a passion for yoga while studying various forms of bodywork, in the performing arts program, at the University of Calgary. Since then, she has became fascinated with body awareness and exploration of the internal state through external expression. Exercising physical awareness coupled with her keen interest in the energetic body, prompting her to obtain certification in Bowen Therapy, Reiki and Crystal Healing. With focus on traditional yogic values, Kate's classes infuse her experience in fine arts and the healing arts in effort to explore and unify all aspects of self.  

Richard Bernier

Richard loves pushing the edge, but not too far!  Hatha and Vinyasa are his favourite classes.  He completed his  RYT-200 certification with us here at Karma and has found new depths in his yoga practice.  Richard has been involved in sports most of his life. 20 years ago he began martial arts and currently hold the rank of 5th Dan in taekwondo. 12 years ago he began his yoga journey.  As an aging martial artist, yoga has allowed him to maintain the mobility, flexibility and range of movement required.

"The edge is where we find our true selves.  I love sharing this depth with others and seeing students find their edge."

Stacey-Lee Robson

Stacey has been a personal trainer for some time and felt a calling to teach yoga as a additional support for herself and her clients.  She has recently completed her yoga teacher training at Karma.  If you enjoy a bit of a challenge on the mind and body, Stacey's class is for you.