Francesca Bonta

“Yoga has been part of my life for 35 years, way before it was trendy. it is with humble gratitude that I share this opportunity to open up a holistic health centre in my home town of Cobourg. I am E-RYT 500 certified & trained in many countries around the world, including UAE, India, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Peru, Thailand, Australia, Turkey, USA & of course, Canada. From each teacher I have picked up little points along the way and developed my own teaching style. I find this the most beautiful aspect of instructing and taking classes. I am confident to say that my passion for teaching yoga is evident whether you just speak to me or experience a class!”

In addition to all the other training I have done, I am an advanced E-RYT teacher with trainings in Zero-Gravity Aerial Yoga, Barre, Restorative Yoga I & II, Yoga for Back Care, Older Adults and Stress Management, Yin Yoga & the 12 Meridiens, Deepening your Asana Sadhana I & II, Sound Yoga, Art of Hands on Corrections, Luna Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, Meditative Art, Pre-Natal Specialist, Pranayama, Movement & Meditation and Therapeutic Yoga Specialist added to my list of qualifications. In the works are opportunities to be able to travel the world and teach yoga, either for retreats or at destination spas. I also run the Yoga Retreats at St. Anne's Spa twice each month.

For more about Francesca & the history of the studio, click here.  

Eileen Sheppard


I have been teaching fitness in many modalities since 1978. I’m certified as a Pilate’s instructor, Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Triathlon Coach, Nutritional specialist.  I received my comprehensive Pilates certification through Body Harmonics (Toronto) in 2003. I’m presently completing their specialist certificate program in Post Rehab and Advance Anatomy/Biomechanics.  Yearly, I complete continuing education workshops to design and create the most beneficial movement class for my participants.

 Elizabeth Kiser

Elizabeth is certified in five Movement Modalities:  • Mat Pilates • The Nia Technique, Black Belt • Five Stages of Healing • Vinyasa Flow YOGA • Pre and Post Natal YOGA • Thai Massage.  She has received extensive education in the human anatomy. With this knowledge and certification training, Elizabeth focuses her classes on Hip and Lower Back health.

Gregory Axelson

“I love helping people. You might walk into one of my classes with an issue – a sore back, a stiff neck – and walk out with no issue. There’s no greater feeling in the world for me than that feeling I experience from having supported you on your journey to better health and better balance in your life. “ -Gregory

As a Yoga Alliance certified teacher trained specifically in Anusara — with a focus on principles of proper align ment and over 20 years experience in the wholistic healing field — Gregory guides individuals and groups to step lightly through doorways of change that lead to self-empowerment and transformation.

Kate Young

Kate gained a passion for yoga while studying various forms of bodywork, in the performing arts program, at the University of Calgary. Since then, she has became fascinated with body awareness and exploration of the internal state through external expression. Exercising physical awareness coupled with her keen interest in the energetic body, prompting her to obtain certification in Bowen Therapy, Reiki and Crystal Healing. With focus on traditional yogic values, Kate's classes infuse her experience in fine arts and the healing arts in effort to explore and unify all aspects of self.  

Sasha Korper


“I tend to get stuck in my head.  Lots of thinking! So, my whole life I’ve been really active — skiing, hiking, swimming, which helps me be in my body more. Yoga helps me be in my heart. And if life is a river, Vinyasa  gets you right into the centre of the flow, which is exactly where you want to be.”
As an agent of change and creator of opportunities for inspiration, Sasha likes to support others in their quest for “Aha” moments. A certified Yoga Alliance Vinyasa teacher with over 30 years’ experience, there’s almost nothing she’d rather do than teach a Yoga class.