Mala Making & Mantra Meditation Circle-Toronto +focus mindspace

Join Francesca for this fun, creative & informative experience.

Saturday, February 22nd
10:00am-12noon or 7:00-9:00pm

soulful workshop @ 
+focus mindspace
49 Ossington Ave 2nd floor, Toronto

Mala beads are a string of beads that are traditionally used in meditation and prayer. Modern day yogis often wear Malas to evoke a sense of peace, calm and mindfulness.  A mantra is an instrument to clear the mind & heal the body. Discover the meaning behind various gemstones & create your personalized wrist mala.
We will do a crystal meditation to set our personal intention. Create our very own, unique, and one of a kind Mala bracelet to wear as a reminder of our intention. Learn about gemstones and the different healing qualities of each.
This Mala making workshop will help you set or reaffirm your intentions and allow you to create a unique Mala, which you can wear to support you in allowing these intentions to come to fruition. Sometimes we have trouble sticking to our intentions. We naturally fall into old habits or end up getting pulled in a million different directions. Having a reminder of what we are trying to accomplish can sometimes be just what we need to keep us on the right track.

We begin with a smudge and welcome ceremony, followed by a Chakra balancing Crystal meditation. In a sacred manner we will create personal Malas. Next we will cleanse our Malas with Sound and collectively recite mantras putting our goregous Malas to use. Each attendee will receive a written and oral personal reading of their Mala and an organza bag to store it in. The lava stones can be used to further add a personalized scent to your creation.

$50+hst Mala & Meditation