Mala Making Sacred Circles - Getting Ready (Virtual)

Namaste Friends!

Welcome to our Virtual Mala Making Sacred Circles!  In case we have not met, my name is Francesca  BontaSo looking forward to sharing my gifts with you. I am so thrilled & honoured to be part of this journey with you. 

I will support you in creating & reaffirm your intentions while you design a unique Mala, which you can wear and use in meditation as a gentle reminder of the journey to wellness & oneness as we navigate life's aversities with ease & grace.

We begin with a brief intro of malas, a smudge & welcome ceremony, followed by a Chakra balancing Crystal meditation.  In a sacred manner, we will create personal Malas. Next we will cleanse our Malas with Sound & collectively recite mantras putting our goregous Malas to use.

Your little packets will contain all the materials you need to take part in the session.  The organizers have sent you the appropriate online link to join us.  We will login in 5-10min before the scheduled time.  I suggest the following music link to help set the tone for our experience.  MUSIC

Make sure your kettle is ready with boiled water that has settled to a drinkable temperature.  Wear comfortable clothing, you can sit on your yoga mat, ktichen table, sofa or even your bed!  Do you best to be in a space with minimal distractions.  I suggest wearing layers as well, maybe even a blaket too.

If you have anymore questions or concerns please let me know or to book a private session email or call 289-251-2350. 

In Love & Light