Mala Making Sacred Circles

These Mala Making Sacred Circles support you in creating & reaffirm your intentions while you design a unique Mala, which you can wear and use in meditation as a gentle reminder of the journey to wellness and oneness as we navigate life's aversities with ease and grace

Mala Making Circles are perfect for a group of family or friends but can also be a great learning and team building activity.  Malas are enjoyed and helpful for men, women and children.

We begin with a smudge and welcome ceremony, followed by a Chakra balancing Crystal meditation.  In a sacred manner we will create personal Malas. Next we will cleanse our Malas with Sound and collectively recite mantras putting our goregous Malas to use. Each attendee will receive a written and oral personal reading of their Mala and an organza bag to store it in. The lava stones can be used to further add a personalized scent to your creation.

To learn more or book a private session email or call 289-251-2350. 
2-3 hour session depending on numbers. 
$50 per person. 
Minimum of 6 people to book (or $300)
10 or more people host receives the event for FREE.