New to Karma Lifestyle Yoga Studio




NEWBIE:  I’ve never done yoga before! What classes can I take?

Start with classes that are a PURPLE or YELLOW.
Purple classes are easy on the body, inward focused as opposed to physically challenging.  These classes are gentle, floor-based and open to everyone.
Yellow classes include more opportunities for you to expand your experience of Yoga. The classes vary in style and can include a mixture of standing & floor-based postures.


If you are physically fit, feel free to attend any class on the schedule, but be aware that there are foundations everyone must learn to practice Yoga safely. Try it out to see what works best for you!


PRICE:  What does the $99 trial include?

10 classes for $99 is offered to any student who is new to Karma Lifestyle Yoga. This trial includes all classes on the schedule excluding the pre-registered classes – Kids Yoga, Pilates, Yoga Therapy.  The trial is a one-time offer for one person, expires 3 months from date of purchase and cannot be combined with any other offer.

Sign-up is available in studio on the clipboard, email or text 289.251.2350.  Currently online sign-up is not available (hopefully coming soon). You are NEVER bothering Francesca when you text or email her. You are important to us and we appreciate hearing from you whether to book a class, make a cancellation or provide feedback.


PACKAGES:  What’s available and how does it work?

12 CLASSES $156 ($13 / CLASS) SAVE $60
20 CLASSES $240 ($12 / CLASS) SAVE $120
30 CLASSES $330  ($11 / CLASS) SAVE $270

40 CLASSES $400 ($10 / CLASS) SAVE $320 






YOGA MAT:  Do I need a yoga mat?

 We have mats to borrow if you need. However, we encourage you to bring your own mat for your own comfort. If you’re looking to purchase an excellent Yoga mat, consider a Manduka. It’s like investing in a great pair of running shoes.

NB Due to limited space we cannot store mats at the studio.  However, if you forget it here, we’ll keep it safe until you return!


CLOTHING:  What should I wear?

Your clothing should be loose, comfortable, and easy to move around in. Shorts, tights or elastic waistband pants paired with a t-shirt or tank top work well.


OTHER ITEMS:  What else do I need?

Some folks like to bring a water bottle for before or after class as drinking during class is not encouraged. An open mind, open heart and a willingness to learn are all helpful things to have in a Yoga class. Remember that even when you’re having a bad day, we welcome you with open arms. 


CLASSES:  So many teachers & classes!! Which one is for me?

All our teachers would love to have you in class. During your trial month, try as many different teachers as possible. That way, you can see whose teaching style suits your personality and budding practice. You might be surprised and what you enjoy most!


LIMITATIONS:  Is it OK to take Yoga if I have arthritis/injuries?

Pain can be relieved through a regular Yoga practice. Gentle and restorative classes are the best ones to start with. More active classes can increase flexibility and loosen stiff muscles and joints. Always inform your teacher about your limitations or concerns before class so appropriate modifications can be offered.


NOT FLEXIBLE:  What if I’m not flexible at all?

Even your teachers will tell you we do Yoga so we can become more flexible, not because we are already flexible. Remember that Yoga asana, or posture, is only one eighth of a full Yoga practice. Yoga also includes breath, meditation, charity, and more. So when we talk about flexibility, we’re referring to our minds and hearts as much as our bodies!


PREGNANT:  Can I practice while I’m pregnant?

 If you had a regular Yoga practice before becoming pregnant, you can continue to attend any class. If not, try a gentle Purple or Yellow class. Always let your teacher know you’re pregnant, and always check with your doctor before making any changes to your fitness routine.


Yoga Etiquette

Yoga is a practice of awareness and mindfulness. This includes being sensitive to, and having consideration for others.

We appreciate you leaving your shoes neatly placed on the shoe shelf or at the bottom of the stairs outside the main space.  Please NO SHOES in the studio.

Class Time
As we have such a busy schedule we ask that you arrive a minimum of 5 minutes before class in order to settle in and make space for everyone comfortably. Please take care to be quiet should you arrive more than 10 minutes in advance of your class – it can be disruptive for students already in the studio to hear people walking up the stairs or chatting in the hall during Savasana.

Make the most of your practice by arriving to class on time. If you find yourself unavoidably late by only 2-3 minutes, please text Francesca 289.251.2350 and we will endeavor to keep the door unlocked for you.

If you need to bring your cell phone into class, please ensure it is on SILENT!  If you need to answer it, kindly step outside.  We understand some of you have “on call” jobs or personal matters that may require you to have your phone on hand. 

Please keep all your bags & personal items in the coatroom.  Providing a tidy studio for everyone is important to us.  If you need your water bottle  in the studio, please place them along the walls and not beside your mat as they get in the way of postures and are very loud when they fall on the floor. Be mindful with glass bottles as breakage would be a safety hazard for all. Open beverages are NOT allowed in the studio. 
Tidy-up blankets & props at the end of class. Remember that your Yoga mat represents your personal space, so please avoid stepping on anyone else’s mat while tidying the studio.

Practice Contentment
Focus your mind inward and be your breath.
Be in the moment.
Be the pose.
Be patient.
Have fun.


We always close of our classes with an offering to our teacher & classmates.


 How will I feel?

 If you’re new to Yoga or have limited experience, know that changes in your mind and body begin as soon as you sit on your mat. When Yoga elements are artfully combined and practiced in harmony, particularly within a classroom environment, you can anticipate a profound experience. If you are used to more superficial forms of physical exercise, you’ll find these changes powerful.

 It’s not unusual for a beginner to experience any of the following symptoms of physical and / or emotional discharge or detoxification:  mild headaches, aching muscles, nausea, anger, grief, breathlessness, confusion or tiredness.

Some discomfort is unavoidable when we start to purify our systems through Yoga – if only due to the deep breathing. This is actually encouraging! In the case of tiredness, for instance, using postures and breath to release long-held muscular and nervous tension, which habitually masks chronic tiredness, helps us experience and finally let go of that chronic condition.

You may also GAIN any or all of the following physical and psychological benefits: Improved flexibility, strength, stamina, respiration, digestion, elimination, vitality, alertness, concentration, tranquility, self-confidence, and self-esteem.

If your muscles ache the following day, the best relief comes from doing whatever postures you can remember from your last class. Try to do a little Yoga everyday – your Home Practice supports your long term investment in yourself!

At Karma Lifestyle we feel that we are part of your growth and transformation. Please do not hesitate to speak with any of our teachers whenever you are experiencing any effects of Yoga in your life.

Thank-you for allowing Karma Lifestyle to be your safe haven for your inward journey.


Francesca & the Karma Lifestyle Team