Explore your Chakra System & Essential Reiki Restorative -Oblong Yoga House-


Thursday, Novemeber 14, 2019

Francesca & Zoya will hold space for you as you explore the deepest recesses of yourself through Chakra awareness, essential oils, restorative yoga, meditation, Reiki & energy work. Allow yourself this space away from your daily routine – a vital first step on the path to a healthy body, mind and spirit. We will delve into key processes, emotions and behaviors related to relationships, creativity, motivation, different kinds of love, communication, inner energy, and self-expression. You’ll ask yourself many questions and delve into deep insights that your everyday life usually keeps out of reach.  All levels of yoga experience welcome and will be hosted in a safe and sacred space.  You'll restore mindfulness & balance to your life and feel more grounded & connected.


56 Stewart St, Toronto, ON M5V 1H6

Investment: $50