September 28
Support Self Love 
- 'My Favourite Part of Me' make & take journal cover


October 26
The Gift of Gratitude
-Cultivating Joy with handmade Essential Oil holiday gifts

November 30 
It's All in How You See It 
— Build Your Vision Board for 2019

January 25
Intentional Thriving 
— Make your Mesa work for you

EACH CIRCLE: $20 Including Your Activity Materials


More about SASHA...
Everything in my life has prepared me for this moment.
I've been an educator since 1990: Built programs, offered workshops, delivered courses; raised two beautiful children, and taught many more. 
Shamanic training has taken me further, and asked me to dig deeper than all my other experiences combined. 
Years of Medicine Wheel teachings, Ceremonies, and sitting in Circle have yielded greater awareness, acceptance, appreciation and compassion. 
I've learned to revere the real, embrace discomfort, and lead with my heart.
None of this is possible without love, support, and a tiny bit of magic.

Are you ready to step into Circle with me?
My Circle is an open invitation to come as you are, make connections, rejuvenate your heart, and lighten your spirit in a safe, inspiring container for self-reflection, expansion and joy.
Come. Let's share, laugh, learn and journey together. 
Open the door to your soul, shed your skin of expectations, and remember who you really are.