VIRTUAL Chakra Balancing & Energy Work

Chakra Balancing can be done through Energy Medicine. There are seven main Chakras in the body that are connected to our emotions and physiology.  

During a Chakra Balancing Session, we assess the flow of energy and remove blockages evening out the flow from all the Chakras. When your chakras are balanced, you feel balanced and lighter. 

In this deeply relaxing one-on-one session, you’ll have the opportunity to shift the stagnant energy from your body making room to leave you feeling vibrant & energized. You’ll comfortably lie down in the comfort of your home & receive a gentle guidance via a guided journey channeled through intutive connections, sound bathing, visualizations and the guidance of essential oils based on your specific needs. Every session is unique, with the collective outcome of greater clarity and feel enlightened. The sessions are 60 min, suitable for men, women, and children.

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