Yoga Etiquette


Yoga is a practice of awareness and mindfulness. This includes being sensitive to, and having consideration for others.

We appreciate you leaving your shoes neatly placed on the shoe shelf or at the bottom of the stairs outside the main space.  Please NO SHOES in the studio.

Our space is not large enough to provide a shower on-site, but we do request that guests come to yoga fresh and be considerate of others in our communal area. 

Class Time
As we have such a busy schedule we ask that you arrive a minimum of 5 minutes before class in order to settle in and make space for everyone comfortably. Please take care to be quiet should you arrive more than 10 minutes in advance of your class – it can be disruptive for students already in the studio to hear people walking up the stairs or chatting in the hall during Savasana.

Make the most of your practice by arriving to class on time. If you find yourself unavoidably late by only 2-3 minutes, please text Francesca 289.251.2350 and we will endeavor to keep the door unlocked for you.

If you need to bring your cell phone into class, please ensure it is on SILENT!  If you need to answer it, kindly step outside.  We understand some of you have “on call” jobs or personal matters that may require you to have your phone on hand. 

Please keep all your bags & personal items in the coatroom.  Providing a tidy studio for everyone is important to us.  If you need your water bottle  in the studio, please place them along the walls and not beside your mat as they get in the way of postures and are very loud when they fall on the floor. Be mindful withglass bottles as breakage would be a safety hazard for all. Open beverages are NOT allowed in the studio. 
Tidy-up blankets & props at the end of class. Remember that your Yoga mat represents your personal space, so please avoid stepping on anyone else’s mat while tidying the studio.

Practice Contentment
Focus your mind inward and be your breath.
Be in the moment.
Be the pose.
Be patient.
Have fun.

We always close off our classes with an offering to our teachers & classmates.