Chakra Balancing Massage & Energy Work

Chakra Balancing Massage & Energy Work

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*Please note new safety measures and procedures have been implemented.  Notes to ensure everyone's best interest will be sent to you following your booking confirmation.

Chakra Balancing can be done through Energy Medicine. There are seven main Chakras in the body that are connected to our emotions and physiology.  

During a Chakra Balancing Session, we assess the flow of energy and remove blockages evening out the flow from all the Chakras. If your chakras are balanced, in most cases you feel balanced and lighter. 

In this deeply relaxing one-on-one session, you’ll have the opportunity to shift the stagnant energy from your body making room to leave you feeling lighter & energized. You’ll comfortably lie on the table & receive a gentle touch & the use of essential oils based on your specific needs. The session may be done fully clothed or professionally covered with the use of essential oils much like an aromatherapy massage. Every session is unique, meeting your specific need- yet all experience the outcome of greater clarity and feel amazing. The sessions are 60 min, suitable for men, women, and children.

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Customer Reviews

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Tade Credgeur
Much appreciated re-charge

Highly recommend - more now than ever. Recharging and rebalancing energies are important on a personal basis, but also dealing with all of the ups and downs in the world right now made the session so incredibly important and healing.

Tade I am so happy that in your incredibly busy schedule you made the time to take care of you! You bring so much love & joy into the world of others. It is always such an honour to be able to hold space for you! Thanks for trusting me!


Absolutely the best. Feel so relaxed and refreshed.Luv the setting and most of all Francesca’s healing touch.

Karen, thanks for your kind words! You are an absolute delight to work with & I love to see how far you've come over the years.

Best Experience

What Francesca is doing is simply amazing. I was always thinking about seeing a psychotherapist just to share things that are happening in my life. Now that I found her I think I won a lottery because it's much much better than seeing a therapist. The atmosphere which she creates during the session makes you feel very comfortable. I feel relaxed and trust to talk to her about my personal life. Thank you!

Uli working with you absolutely warms my heart! You are such a fabulous person & it is an absolute honour to be able to support you & see you flourish. So much gratitude that you trust me to be part of your journey.

Reena Grewal
Pure Joy

Francesca is simply a vibrant soul inside and out. Our paths crossed less than a month ago but I feel as if I have known her my entire life. She has helped me adjust my mindset to help me protect my energy and focus on what's best for me. She is a true gem and I'm so grateful we have connected.

I feel equally as lucky and grateful to have you in my life. It is amazing when the energies align how easy and beaitful life feels, no matter what we are going through! Humbled by your faith in me sweetheart.

Kaitlyn Edie
Beyond Balancing

Francesca is truly one of a kind. Each appointment is tailored to exactly what I need in that moment and creates meaningful shifts in my life. The change created in the session lasts far beyond the treatment room. Francesca has an innate intuition that is unparalleled and this treatment has become a highlight in my life. The experience combines many modalities beautifully under Francesca's expertise.

Kaitlyn I cannot quite express how lovely it feels to know that I can support you! Thanks for trusting me on your journey sweetie!