Mala Bracelet

Mala Bracelet

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  • Malas are a string of beads traditionally used in meditation. 
  • Mantras (wishes) are repeated on each bead to bring about the manifestation of intentions. 
  • Modern day yogis wear Malas to evoke a sense of peace, calm & mindfulness.  
  • A mantra is an instrument to clear the mind & heal the body. 
  • Each stone has its own healing property as well. 
  • personalized wrist mala comes complete with a special message just for you.

You are welcome to request a particular colour or intention, for example, to help you deal with stress reduction, improved sleep, motivation or maybe you are drawn to certain colours.   You can also leave it up to Francesca for an intuitive creation.

108 Mala necklaces are also available, ranging in price from $100-125, please contact Francesca for more information.

Pick Up or Free Liberty Village, Toronto or Cobourg

World Wide Delivery Available